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TRACK A - Decentralized Model:  Ability to serve single homes at the Tier 2 level without creating an entire distribution infrastructure in advance of when it is needed. A distribution network may be formed as needed by interconnecting smaller systems on an ad-hoc basis to share resources, improve reliability, realize community level services and to realize operational and cost efficiencies. 
TRACK B - Centralized Utility Model: Centrally planned and implemented power generation and distribution model. Operations and billing follow traditional utility
models, and may include some level of customer-owned generation and storage. Proposed solution will address physical and transactive elements needed for sustainable operation and economic viability.
In each track, there will be two sub-tracks – for established companies offering commercial products in the market, and for new technologies and solutions that are not currently
commercially offered for sale.


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The purpose of the skill matching platform is to match individuals with a particular skillset to a team needing that skillset. In an ideal case the individual and the team are located close to each other, but in case they are far away, you may need to telework.